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Books, Photography and Health

This probably is not the best of time while working as a editorial photographer , but a sudden urge to read books, novels, articles and newspaper has resurfaced back.Since a while back I have been keeping a track of books I have read, reread,made notes from and remembered hoping to keep the dying habit alive. As the intensity of social media and technology has crept up in an unimaginable way ,making me feel unappreciative of  day if I do not check my gmail or Facebook account, I try and find innovative ways to keep it in check.

There were times when I used to stay excessively online, browsing quirky stuff, seeing what other were doing in photography ,shooting mails and trying to check up with deadlines for photography grants and competitions. That kept on going for a while , maybe a year or so till I got fed up and realized my whole life now revolves around deadline. Hey, this was not photography for me !! The very act of stepping out and discovering new things was fading away .It was a very unhealthy style of living. A sedate one.The body clock completely changed and I started living quite a one dimensional life. So it took a long time to get back in the frame of mind a normal person is and I made a few rules for myself

i) No matter what I shall venture out for a jog and some sort of Physical activity. Haruki Murakami does it. Anil Ambani does it. There's no reason not to do it. Only a better time management needs to be prevalent. In fact when I got it feels more like a meditative exercise which I tend to enjoy.

Haruki Murakami

ii) I visit the web very specifically only focussed towards task at hand. It means avoiding a lot of interesting but unnecessary websites, posts ,trailers, music posts, and blog. If i need to write an email I better do it right now than randomly browsing the net .

I am not blaming the internet or social media , just that I really to understand my priorities. As i grow older ,the time to read a book has slackened and the reasons not to do so has elongated. You keep a book in hand for long, get stuck to a few pages and chapters, then it becomes a drag and you loose interest to read it anymore.There goes one of my important channels to gain knowledge in wide and varied fields.And also a concentrated way of reading about a subject that must have been written with a lot of depth, thorough research and sound understanding. Not to mention the way it might have been written.

So ,right now I feel happy and satisfied that I have been able to read six books this year on varied topics. I feel like I have utilized my time well. For me it has also been a much better style of living and functioning. I saved my back and eyes from a lot of unnecessary details. When people talk about photography and give advice to photographers in a lot of ways, I wish they also talk about health. And how important it is to maintain it just as it is to build a vision. Both needs tremendous patience. Photography after all is a physical activity and probably at a long term stage ,this will come into notice. Everything is a long term project and a few probably will stick for life.


By the way I am reading " With Chatwin " currently and I hope to visit Patagonia one fine day

Bruce Chatwin

Photography workshop for underprivileged

Recently I started an initiative called Happy Camera Club ( taking photography workshops in India ). The whole idea was to make effective use of my time and teach photography to the underprivileged . Though doing something like that loomed large since some time ,only this year it got into implementation mode. we started with a couple of cameras and I was very happy with the end results. One of the students from that workshop was Nagaraj. Crippled by polio at an early age he was wheelchair bound. And he his dream was to be a wildlife photographer.

lion tail mackoc with baby in western ghats

lion tail mackoc with baby in western ghats@ Nagaraj

So I decided to connect Nagaraj with Kalyan, a wonderful wildlife photographer based in India. He generously agreed to take Nagaraj along with him to Western ghats. And the result has been stunning. Have a look at his first shots in field of wildlife photography

lion tail mackoc with baby in western ghats

lion tail mackoc with baby in western ghats @ Nagaraj

Lets make his dream to be a wildlife photographer step closer by helping him buy a DSLR. He does n’t know of this yet. It will be a lovely surprise.  For your contributions we shall send you well designed postcard /poster of an image taken by him. We shall figure out logistics soon :) but everything’s possible .You can write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

western ghats langur

western ghats langur @ Nagaraj

kalyan and nagaraj

kalyan and nagaraj

You can read more about Happy Camera Club here

Valley of flowers @ OnAsia

The Valley of Flowers is featured in OnAsia , a leading agency focussing on assignments, features and stock from Asia.

Abhishek at Valley of Flowers

You can check the broad selection of images here

Photographing the streets on independence day

flying kites on the rooftop,Old Delhi

Flying kites on the rooftop,Old Delhi

The sun again like in Valley of flowers hardly appeared and it was all cloudy the whole day. It's monsoon season here and not the best of time to photographer if you are a photographer based in Delhi . But then again you get lot of opportunities being a photographer based in India. You just need to be prepared for them. I am such a nervous wreck before going for any shoot and unless i get something I am satisfied with i won't be relaxed. This has always been the case. Never there has been a case of casual session of photography. Fortunately enough, today I managed to get hold of a few images of which maybe one will add to my long term editorial photography project on Delhi.

flying kites on the rooftop,Old Delhi

Flying kites on the rooftop 1,Old Delhi

It was great to walk in bylines and narrow alleyways as a street photographer. To me creating extraordinary from  daily lives of people counts as something important.The lyrical sense of life gives a great mental satisfaction and i love it. But this requires a lot of hunger, discipline and sense of urgency. Channelise it till the time this passion stays with you.

flying kites on the rooftop,Old Delhi. It's independence day in India

An act of balance,Old Delhi

Talks: Steve Jobs

could n’t stop posting this before we head out on our independence…wish everyone the courage from heart ..gotta keep pushing

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

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