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Photo of the month-Jan 2012

Naga Sadhus in full flow, Kumbh Mela

Naga Sadhus in full flow, Kumbh Mela

I had no problem in choosing this image as the photo of the month. I took this in January, not this year though, and remembered the scene exactly it was. Total unabashed glory, a majestic performance by the ascetic men who in their procession took the town of Haridwar by storm. This was exactly what I came for and wanted to see it real. It was a difficult photograph to take . I could n't move much and definitely could n't go closer to the sadhus who were mostly on a trip and violent in nature. Together they formed a very strong force which even the local authorities could n't handle. Recently while going through the biography on Steve Jobs ,to my surprise ,I got to know he also had been to one of these events and was here long time back during his trip to India. It was a brilliant sight ,though it meant observing a lot of naked men!!


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