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Photo of the month -August 2012


Children and their tyres, Bir,2012.

“It is such a wonderful ability to walk. What can’t be sensed ,smelled or observed by any other means can be solved by walking. There curious little incidents can only be presented when you wait, watch and walk “    -from the journal

Photo of the month -July 2012

Marine Drive during monsoon,Mumbai

Photo of the month -June 2012


Women working early morning in a low income house in Punjab.

Story :Focus on urban poverty in India with a concentration on current state of women

Photo of the month -May 2012

Students of the Buddhist philosophy at The Deer Institute

A packed class of students of Buddhist philosophy from all across the world present in The Deer Institute.

Photo of the month -April 2012

A house gathering in Bangalore

A house gathering in Bangalore, India .

love the garden city of India.

Photo of the month-March 2012

Scenes on the street during Holi, festival of colours in Vrindavan .

Photo of the month-Feb 2012

About this photograph: Shot around 9 pm at night . Around that time everyone is at their homes and huts & the village looks deserted. Pitch dark and you can hear sounds from the distant . The sky is star lit and the air feels fresh. Around that time  I met him while I was staying in the village in Rajasthan.

Photo of the month-Jan 2012

Naga Sadhus in full flow, Kumbh Mela

Naga Sadhus in full flow, Kumbh Mela

I had no problem in choosing this image as the photo of the month. I took this in January, not this year though, and remembered the scene exactly it was. Total unabashed glory, a majestic performance by the ascetic men who in their procession took the town of Haridwar by storm. This was exactly what I came for and wanted to see it real. It was a difficult photograph to take . I could n't move much and definitely could n't go closer to the sadhus who were mostly on a trip and violent in nature. Together they formed a very strong force which even the local authorities could n't handle. Recently while going through the biography on Steve Jobs ,to my surprise ,I got to know he also had been to one of these events and was here long time back during his trip to India. It was a brilliant sight ,though it meant observing a lot of naked men!!

Photo of the month-Dec 2011

Muharram celebrations in New Delhi

A boy in Karbala, New Delhi, 2011

This year 's final image comes from Muharram celebrations in New Delhi as thousands of Muslims  took out Tazia processions on the occasion of Muharram

Photo of the month: November 2011

sonepur mela

November shall always be remembered for Sonepur Mela. For the first time I saw someone cremating a dead body in a river and it was very unusual for me.And then they suggested, besides burning a dead body , this is also a way for disposing off dead bodies. Is that the reason the river is called Holy .More images from Sonepur here

Photo of the month-Oct 2011

Inside a classroom in Rajasthan

Inside the classroom,Bikaner district

In the rural areas ,though schools are maintained by the government they are mismanaged. Sometimes the teachers don't visit and many time the students fail to reach the classroom. Here though the class was quite full. One can also notice the segregation between boys and girls ,a social phenomena quite prevalent across most of classrooms in India. One can see this in the following images too

Photo of the month-Sept 2011

Women at a traditional wedding in Turkey

A evening in Ayvalik, Turkey 2011

I really wish i could work in an Olive Oil factory and stay there for a while. Everything looks beautiful in Turkey.

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